Tuesday, December 13, 2016

NICARAGUA - Mgr. Baez: "To promote human rights, it is urgent to renew the entire political structure"

The Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Managua, His Exc. Mgr. Silvio Jose Baez, on Friday, December 9 celebrated a Mass to recall the efforts of human rights defenders in Nicaragua. 

During his homily, Mgr. Baez said that "in our Country there is still much to be done for the promotion and defense of human rights".

On the occasion of Human Rights Day, celebrated in different parts of the world, the auxiliary Bishop wanted to highlight the many realities that go against the rights of the population, such as corruption, saying that this "is an armed robbery against the people".

"Take care of your heart, because we can all be victims of corruption, ambition, aggression, lack of respect, these are not things that distinguish a political party, ideology or group, unfortunately we can all be victims of corruption", reaffirmed Mgr. Baez. 

The Bishop then advised those present not to be afraid and to never lose hope: "Today there are people who deal with fear, because it is an instrument of submission, numbness, but we must not be afraid", he said.

"In order to promote human rights, it is urgent to renew the entire political, legal and social structure of this country" and "one must redirect the structures of Nicaragua through democracy, pluralism, based on freedom, justice and respect for human rights".

The Bishop acknowledged that even the achievement of these objectives are needed to ensure respect for human rights, but believes that "a solid strong institution and a real democracy, on the basis of authentic values, can help change the face of society".

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