Sunday, September 18, 2016

Pope: Nuncios are "three way" missionaries

Nuncios must be missionaries of the Gospel in every corner of the world, "going out" physically, culturally and through prayer and Adoration.

This was underlined Saturday morning by Pope Francis celebrating Mass in Casa Santa Marta with the papal representatives from around the world, on the occasion of their Jubilee. 

The Pope also thanked Vatican diplomats for their willingness to "always start over".
Francis, as reported by Vatican Radio, was inspired by the parable of the Sower and said that often the life of the nuncios is a "vagabond’s life" constantly in movement: "When you have learned the language well, a phonecall from Rome and ... 'Oh, look, how are you?' - 'Well ...' - 'You know, the Holy Father, who loves you so much ... he thought ...' - because these calls, these calls are sweetly made, right? - '... He has thought of you for this ...'. And pack your bags and go to another place, leave friends, leave habits, leaving many things one has done ... Going out of yourself, going out of that place to go to another. And there, to begin again".

“When you arrive in a new country - said Francis - the nuncio must go out once more: out of himself to learn, dialogue, to study the culture, the way of thinking." This going out is also about to going receptions "often times it is boring. But even there you sow. Some may think that is too functional, administrative work that can be done by the laity: but the other day, talking about this, I heard the Secretary of State say: 'but, look, at those receptions where so many seem superficial but they in reality seek out 'the priests collar '. And you all, you know what you have done in so many souls. In high society, but without taking part in the worldliness, taking people as they are , listening, talking ... this is also going out from the persona of the nuncio, to see people, talk ... it is a cross. "

Jesus said, "that we, sow the grain, we plant the seed and then rest for it is God who makes it sprout and grow. And even the nuncio must come out of himself to the Lord who makes things grow, Who makes the seed germinate; and he must come out of himself in front of the tabernacle, in prayer, in worship. " It is a "great witness", this, he reiterated, "the nuncio only adores the One who makes things grow, the One who gives life": "These are the three paths of a nuncio: physically, to pack, the roving life. Let us say culturally: to learn the culture, learn the language ... 'Tell me' - in that phone call - 'tell me, what languages ​​do you speak?' - 'I speak good English, French, I get along in Spanish ... '-' Ah, well, well ... But listen: the Pope has decided to send you to Japan, eh! '-' But I do not know even one letter, of these Japanese! '-' But, you'll learn! '. I was impressed by one of you who before submitting credentials, had learned a difficult language in two months, and had learned that language to celebrate: He re-started this going out with enthusiasm and with joy. And the third exit: prayer, worship”.

"Three ways of going forward - concluded the pope - and three ways to serve Jesus Christ and the Church. And the Church thanks you for these three ways of going forward. Thanks so much. And I, personally, want to thank you. I admire so often, when in the early morning, I receive your communications: how to look at this is good ... May the Lord give you the grace to remain steadfast in these three ways of going forward, these three ways of going out of yourselves. "

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