Friday, September 30, 2016

Maronite patriarchy "in favor of Aoun for Lebanese presidency "

The Maronite Patriarchate supports the election of Michel Aoun to the presidency of Lebanon, to end nearly two and a half years of stalemate and a half of political impasse that led to the charge holiday.
Msgr. Boulos Sayyah, vicar general of the Maronite Patriarchate and right hand man to Card. Bechara Rai, emphasizes that it is "quite normal" to promote the candidature of Aoun because he "enjoys the support of the majority of Christians."
Speaking to the Lebanese newspaper al-Joumhouria, the prelate said that the Maronite Patriarch would be satisfied if the choice should rest with the leader and founder of the Free Patriotic Movement.

Msgr. Sayyah noted : “he latest political developments at the presidential level are promising after (ex-PM Saad) Hariri gave momentum to the file. Patriarch al-Rahi rejoices for the election of Aoun and he has echoed that several times”.

The vicar general also pointed to support "the election of Aoun, but this does not mean that we prefer one candidate over another." The reference is to Suleiman Franjieh, a leader of the Marada Movement, also vying for the highest state chair.

Msgr. Sayyah reiterated several times that the patriarchy will “support the president who will be elected. It is normal that Aoun becomes a president because he has the support of the majority of Christians, now that the Lebanese Forces back him too.” "

"The election of a head of state - the bishop concludes - will also facilitate agreement on other outstanding issues, including a new electoral law."

In recent days, the issue was addressed the same Patriarch Rai, who recalled once more that the failure of the political class and leadership in electing the President of Lebanon opens its doors to the influence of foreign powers, who end up deciding on internal fate of the country.

Since May 2014, the end of Michel Suleiman’s mandate, the Land of the Cedars has been without a president. In recent months, the Free Patriotic Movement, Hezbollah and its allies have repeatedly boycotted the vote for the renewal of the office, by denying a quorum.

An open opposition between two rival fronts is to blame: March 8 (Hezbollah Shiites, close to Iran) and the March 14 block (headed by Saad Hariri and backed by Saudi Arabia).

The two main camps in the country are divided between supporting Franjieh Suleiman and Michel Aoun. So far they have failed to reach an agreement to unlock the situation.

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