Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Limerick PP & Gay Sauna (6)

The exposition of this story has caused no end of unease amongst so many, especially those in the hierarchical hotseats namely Fr Tony Mullins and his ecclesiastical cronies in the Diocese of Limerick and beyond.

Information which we have gleaned over the last few days has been pored over editorially and legally to ensure it can be published and this will be done within 7 days of this posting.

All of the information is verifiable and shall cause more concerns to be raised as to the involvement of the diocese and its failure (yet again) to deal with an errant priest under its 'control'.

The cover up by arms of the State and of those of the Church and indeed their colluding to ensure that this matter is suppressed at all costs is only going to ensure that is becomes all the more public and may cause even further problems in the diocese and  raise questions over the 'leadership' of Fr Tony Mullins et al.

Stay tuned in for the full exposé between now and January 31st...!!!

PS: Any unlawful attempts to prevent such by those who have attempted to shut down other sites will be not only ignored but also publicly acclaimed to all other media outlets.