Friday, December 29, 2023

Hungary’s bishops: ‘Always avoid’ blessing same-sex couples and other couples in irregular situations

Hungarian Catholic Church | Meeting of the Hungarian Catholic Bishops'  Conference

The Hungarian Catholic Church claims that blessing same-sex couples should be avoided.

The Hungarian Catholic Bishops’ Conference has issued a statement following the Vatican’s publication of a document titled Fiducia supplicans, stating that in the future clergy will be allowed to bless same-sex couples.

According to the document on the pastoral nature of blessings, issued by the Dicastery of the Faith on December 18, 2023, if two people ask a Catholic priest for a blessing, they will be able to receive it even if their situation as a couple is “irregular.”

“The Bishops’ Conference formulates as a guideline for clerics that all people, regardless of their gender identity and sexual orientation, may be blessed individually, but that the common blessing of couples living together in a purely conjugal relationship, couples in a non-ecclesiastically valid marriage or same-sex couples should always be avoided,” the body writes in its statement.

They stress that their point of view on marriage for same-sex couples remains unchanged,while adding that “we accompany all our brothers and sisters in particular life situations with love and respect, helping them to a deeper understanding of God’s will on the path of life according to the Gospel of Christ.”