Friday, December 29, 2023

Fashion Fail - Vatican Visit

Andrea shared a sign outside of the basilica that prohibited skimpy clothing, mobile phones, and cigarettes

A FIRST-TIME visitor to Vatican City has shared a warning for other tourists after her exploration took an unexpected turn.

She was been eager to explore the historic location in the heart of Rome but didn't realize a key rule within the Catholic enclave.

Andrea Andrade boasts over 11,000 followers on TikTok, where she shares a chaotic glimpse into her life.

She took to the social media platform to reveal why she was refused entry to Saint Peter's Basilica.

She shared a snap of a sign at the entrance that listed prohibited items including mobile phones, cigarettes, food, animals, hats, and backpacks.

Two scantily-clad people were also illustrated alongside the words “Attention please appropriate dress for the church.”

Andrea revealed she was wearing almost exactly the same outfit as the people illustrated on the graphic with a cropped top, denim shorts, and backpack.

“When you can’t go in because you aren’t dressed appropriately,” read the text over the video.

A sped-up version of Steve Lacy’s popular song I Wish I Knew You Wanted Me played in the background with the lyrics “I wish I knew” repeating. 

Despite the disappointment of having to miss out on seeing the famous church, Andrea appeared in good spirits and posed from different angles.

She was all smiles as she donned stylish sunglasses and held a large water bottle.

She captioned the post: “Welp, learn from my awesomeness.”

Andrea included the hashtags #IwishIknew, #Yaliveyalearn, and #newbmistake as she attempted to warn others to plan their outfit accordingly before visiting Vatican City. 

The video went viral with over 3,300 likes and hundreds of comments from people who said she should’ve known to dress modestly when visiting a religious place.

“Always thoroughly research before traveling,” one person wrote.

“Yeah definitely! I wasn’t mad about it. We were just exploring but def brought coverups when we went into the next ones,” Andrea replied. 

“I mean it’s a church,” another commented.

“Ah damn, that’s what that is? Thought it was a restaurant with a long a** line, oh well,” Andrea responded. 

“Everyone saying ‘what’d you expect?’ but it’s a tourist location some people go for the history, not the religion,” a third said.

“When I went in 2016 my shoulders and knees had to be covered as well, hottest day ever,” a fourth wrote.

“As a European girl I advise a long dress because it’s flowy and windy, you don’t get hot but are appropriately dressed for sightseeing,” another added.