Friday, April 14, 2017

Lent calendar prayer and reflection for 14 April - Good Friday

And from that moment the disciple made a place for her in his home.

John 18: 1-19:42
Image result for good friday In today’s reading we hear how Jesus asks the disciple he loves to look after his mother, to take her in as he can no longer offer her a home. Jesus makes sure, just before he dies, that his mother is safe, that she has a home. 

The word ‘home’ is an emotive one – it is something we all long for. Some of us are lucky enough to have a home, others are home-less, still others have a home but have had to leave it behind due to war.

As we contemplate the passion and suffering of Christ, we remember those who are suffering, forced to flee their homes because the place that once was safe is no longer. 

As we contemplate the death of Christ, we pray for all those who are putting their lives at risk searching for a new place they can call ‘home’ for themselves and their families.

And we pray for all those who have lost their lives as they journeyed towards what they felt would be a safe home. May they rest in peace. 

Good Friday prayer

Son of God, you were prepared to suffer, even to death on a cross, to show how much you loved the world. May we too be prepared to “give until it hurts, because real love hurts” (Mother Teresa). Amen.