Monday, April 11, 2011

Live-In Couples Can’t Take Communion, Archbishop Says

The Archbishop of Santa Fe recently issued a stern reminder that unmarried Catholic couples should not be living together.

At church last weekend, New Mexico Catholics received a letter from Archbishop Michael Sheehan stating that those who do so or have civil unions are in great spiritual danger.

“These people are objectively living in a state of mortal sin and may not receive Holy Communion. They are in great spiritual danger. At the best -- and this is, sadly, often the case -- they are ignorant of God’s plan for man and woman. At the worst, they are contemptuous of God’s commandments and His sacraments,” Sheehan said in the letter.

Sheehan said his statements aren’t new to the church’s doctrine.

“Christ our Lord loves all these people and wishes to save them -- not by ignoring their sin, or calling evil good, but by repentance and helping them to change their lives,” he said.

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