Turning his attention to the lay faithful, the Catholic Archbishop who started his Episcopal Ministry in February 2010 as Bishop of Kenya’s Nakuru Diocese said, “And you dear laity, don’t overindulge your Priests. If a Priest invites you for a drink in the bar, run away because you want to contribute to his downfall by going with him and accompanying him.”

He went on to encourage the Deacons he was to ordain Priests to emulate Jesus Christ in their Priestly ministry, witnessing His love.

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon you and the lord has recreated you in Christ to bring an end to the shame of sin in the people you meet by bringing an end to the shame of sin in yourselves,” he further said. 

Archbishop Muhatia continued, “Your vestments are symbols of the restoration of the grace of God that had been lost in sin. Every time you vest as a Priest, you become a manifestation of return to God and of total removal of the shame of nakedness of Adam and Eve.”

The 55-year-old Catholic Archbishop, who has been at the helm of Kisumu Archdiocese since 19 March 2022 urged the new Priests to embrace their Priestly vestments as they represent God’s grace.

“The world will listen when we speak to it vested in the habit and vestment of Grace; the World will not listen if we speak to it without this habit, without this vestment,” he emphasized. 

The ordination of the eight Deacons to the Priesthood in the Archdiocese of Kisumu, Archbishop Muhatia further said, “serves as a constant reminder that the Lord has chosen each one of us to live the Christian vocation in a specific way.”