Saturday, November 25, 2023

Pope Francis has hospital check-up after coming down with flu

Pope Francis went to hospital on Saturday for tests after he came down with flu, but the results ruled out any respiratory problems, the Vatican said.

Francis, who had part of one lung removed as a young man, underwent a CAT scan, Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni said.

The test at Rome’s Gemelli hospital, where Francis was treated for a respiratory infection earlier this year, was done to rule out any possible respiratory problems and came back negative, Mr Bruni said in a statement.

Mr Bruni provided no information about any change in his plans and in fact the Vatican on Saturday gave new details about his itinerary, suggesting the trip was still on.

Francis will turn 87 next month. 

When asked about his health in a recent interview – after setbacks that included abdominal surgery just a few months ago to repair a hernia and remove intestinal scarring – Francis quipped in reply what has become his standard line: “Still alive, you know.”