Sunday, November 19, 2023

Pope at Angelus: Put your trust in God and talents to work

Recitation of the Angelus prayer by Pope Francis | 07 November 2021 -  YouTube

Speaking at the midday Angelus, Pope Francis encourages us to overcome fear and put our trust in God who has given us unique talents we can put to work in serving others for the benefit of all.

In his reflections addressed to the pilgrims and visitors gathered in Saint Peter's Square for the Sunday Angelus, Pope Francis looked at the day's Gospel reading which recounts the parable of the talents noting how we can observe two different ways of approaching God. 

A short while earlier, the Pope presided over the Mass for the World Day of the Poor taking place in Saint Peter's Basilica.

Fear vs. trust

The first approach is marked by fear, lack of belief or trust in God's goodness, the Pope observed in desribing the person in the parable who buries the talent he received from his master because he was afraid of him and the responsibility inolved. The Pope said this person has a distant and mistaken idea of God that blocks him from carrying out the mission he has received.

Trust that leads to courage, freedom, joy

The other two protagonists in the parable of the talents on the other hand repay their master's gifts to them through their trust in him, said the Pope. 

This trust led them to take risks, to invest everything given to them, the Pope added, because they believed in the understanding and goodness of their master and the skills they had been given. 

In the "crossroads we face with God" whether to fear or to trust as described in the parable of the talents, the Pope said a key to putting our gifts to work is trust in the Lord, which "frees our hearts, makes us active and creative in goodness." 

Trust eliminates the paralyses created by fear, the Pope explained."

Creating a climate of trust

The Pope said as a Church community as well, we should examine how we can cultivate a climate of trust and mutual respect that helps us move forward together and allows the creativity of love to flourish in everyone.

“May the Virgin Mary help us to overcome fear...and have trust in the Lord.”

Pope Francis also mentioned that today marks the seventh World Day of the Poor, dedicated to the theme, “Do not turn your face away from anyone who is poor.” He offered words of thanks to all those in dioceses and parishes around the world promoting solidarity initiatives with people and families struggling to survive.