Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Faith Ads Draw Rapid Response

A national advertising campaign in major newspapers asking readers if they know what Catholics believe has attracted a quick response, Catholic Enquiry Centre director Marita Winters says.

Readers of papers in every state capital and the Northern Territory were asked "Want to know what Catholics believe?" and invited to phone, email or return a coupon for a free set of instructions into the Catholic faith, a Catholic Enquiry Centre statement says.

Seven people responded by email to Sunday's ads with 25 more responses arriving by lunchtime Monday.

Director of the Catholic Enquiry Centre, Marita Winters, said "We even received three coupons in the mail today! People must have been really ready to receive this invitation to have responded so quickly."

"There may be others who take a little longer to respond, and that's fine. We just want people to know there is a place they can find out about the Catholic faith before taking the next step of contacting a Catholic community."

Enquirers will receive a series of information brochures on the Catholic faith, a book of Daily Prayers as well as details of other publications stocked by the Catholic Enquiry Centre.

The Catholic Enquiry Centre coupon advertisements have been used to reach people unconnected with the Catholic Church since the Centre opened in 1959.

However, in the last six years the ads have been missing from the newspapers.

The ads will be published again on Sunday 10 June 2007


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