Thursday, July 04, 2024

A priest was tortured by communist methods in Poland

The outrage is huge.

The charge against him is money laundering and that he allegedly used 66 million euros from a financial fund illegally.

The Justice Fund was originally created for victim assistance and educational activities, and Father Olszewski was involved in both activities. 

But the matter also has a political thread, as it all coincides with the administration of the PiS government. 

According to the charges, the alleged money laundering took place during the time of the previous conservative justice minister, Zbigniew Ziobro.

Since Father Olszewski's arrest, more and more disturbing details about the conditions of his detention have come to light. The Polish press published a letter written by Olszewski to his close relatives. 

In the letter, the priest reported that he was subjected to torture and inhumane treatment, for the first 60 hours he was kept in handcuffs, was not allowed to eat, was given only half a bottle of tap water, and was forced to urinate in a bottle.

In addition, the light was turned on every hour at night and he was kept under special custody, which meant constant camera surveillance.

The conditions of detention, which Olszewski reported on , caused serious indignation both among the public and human rights organizations. His lawyer, Krzysztof Wąsowski, announced that they are turning to international organizations and the Polish Human Rights Commissioner for help. The UN Convention against Torture clearly prohibits such a procedure.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk reacted to the case on Monday, calling the allegations of torture absurd.

At the same time, he stated that the case will be investigated down to the smallest detail, and if there were indeed violations of the law, there will be consequences. 

In a statement, the Polish Ministry of Justice emphasized that the detention took place in accordance with the current legislation, and neither Olszewski nor his lawyer filed an official complaint regarding the conditions of detention.

In connection with the incident, the representatives of the Suwerennej Polska party in the Polish parliament announced that they would appeal to the UN Committee against Torture. 

In addition, the ombudsman, Marcin Wiącek, indicated that the circumstances of the detention will be investigated and any possible irregularities will be revealed.

Father Olszewski's pretrial detention was recently extended by three months, despite his lawyer's claims of procedural errors and judicial bias. The case continues to cause serious controversy in Poland and has received widespread international attention as the defenders of rights and the public both demand the independence of the judiciary and fair proceedings.

Aggressiveness is not far from the new administration. 

Do we remember when PiS representatives were arrested in the Polish presidential palace? 

But let's not forget that after Tusk came to power in Poland, he took over the headquarters of the Polish public media with such force that even one PiS representative was injured.

Soon, LGBTQ propaganda was also broadcast in the public media.