Tuesday, February 06, 2024

Peter McVerry Trust appoints new CEO amid financial and governance investigations

THE PETER MCVERRY Trust has appointed a new chief executive after the resignation of its previous boss last year.

Francis Doherty stepped down following a period of ‘acute cash flow pressures’ and investigations by the Charities Regulator and the Approved Housing Bodies Regulatory Authority.

The homeless charity was established in 1983 by Fr Peter McVerry after witnessing deprivation in Dublin’s north inner-city.

McVerry himself said in September that there is no evidence of fraud at the charity and that its services would not be impacted by the investigation, pointing towards issues arising from warehoused tax liabilities.

Niall Mulligan will head up the homeless charity from mid-April, departing from his current role as national secretary of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.

In a press release announcing the appointment, the Peter McVerry Trust said Mulligan had worked across a range of areas, such as addiction and suicide prevention, and highlighted that he has held a series of senior roles in Irish charities.

The release added that no further comment on the appointment would be provided.

The charity’s latest annual report shows that it received €38,378,909 in State funding in 2021. It also received €14,875,168 in charity-generated revenue and capital funding.

In 2020, the charity received €29,957,357 in State funding.

Dublin City Council said in a statement in August that the DRHE was “engaging” with the charity over the potential financial difficulties.