In explaining the total incompatibility between being a Catholic and a Mason, Staglianò pointed out that “within Freemasonry, plots involving secret powers develop that are in contradiction with Christian action.”

“In short,” he added, “when we talk about incompatibility we are referring to profound contradictions.”

Freemasonry vs. the Catholic Church

Staglianò noted some of the most obvious differences between Masonic and Catholic doctrine. For example, in reference to the concept of fraternity, the president of the Pontifical Academy of Theology stated that “our fraternity is established on the sacrament of the love of God in Jesus; it is founded on the Eucharist, not only on the generic idea of being brothers.”

The Italian bishop pointed out that Christian charity “has nothing to do with Masonic philanthropy” because “Christian charity is based on the historical event of a God who died and rose again for us and asks his children not to be merely philanthropic but to be, finally, crucified for love.”

In addition, Freemasonry and Catholicism differ regarding the concept of mystery. While esotericism permeates Masonic teachings (such that they are only given to the initiated), in Catholic doctrine the mystery “hidden throughout the centuries does not cease to be a mystery but rather ceases to be hidden, because the mystery hidden throughout the centuries has been revealed,” Staglianò explained.