Thursday, November 16, 2023

189 public works planned in Rome for 2025 Jubilee

2025 is the Jubilee Year - Holy Year in Rome & Vatican City Catholic  Pilgrimages 206 Tours

The government of Premier Giorgia Meloni and representatives of the Roman Curia met bilaterally on Tuesday to discuss progress in preparations for the 2025 Holy Year, or Jubilee.   

During the meeting, which lasted about an hour, both parties reportedly expressed their appreciation for the fruitful and intense cooperation between Italy and the Holy See in the organisation of a historic and global event that will bring millions of pilgrims to Rome and to Italy from all over the world, the premier's office at Palazzo Chigi said in a statement.  

The steering committee set up at Palazzo Chigi, which has been meeting fortnightly in recent months, will continue to coordinate and monitor the progress in the preparations for an event that is of cultural as well as spiritual importance.

Rome Mayor Roberto Gualtieri said the meeting had been inspired "by the utmost harmony between Italy and the Holy See".     

The meeting "made it possible to measure both Italy's commitment and the importance that the Holy See attributes to the event, but also its appreciation for the work being done," he continued, thanking "the government, President Meloni, the steering committee, Undersecretary Mantovano for this extraordinary commitment".   

 "It is crucial for us to do our utmost to make Italy and the city able to welcome the many pilgrims" who are expected, said Gualtieri.

The mayor said that in total 189 public works are planned for the Jubilee and that so far 12 construction sites have opened - including one, involving roadworks, that includes multiple worksites.

A further 17 worksites are set to open between the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024.