Friday, August 25, 2023

Hungary Claims to Be Proud of Its Christian Heritage

Hungary celebrated patriotic festivities on the feast day of St. Stephen, King of Hungary. 

After the usual institutional and religious events, the Hungarian military used drones to form a cross above the nation's parliament.

Hungary does not just boast of being a Christian country. 

Its government claims to be Christian and conducts policies consistent with this claim.

Thus, the family and pro-natalist policy of the government of Viktor Orbán has produced spectacular results: in 10 years, the number of marriages has doubled, the divorce rate has fallen, and abortions have fallen by around 50%.

Orbán, who is Protestant, explained in September 2021, that Hungarians can only survive as a Christian nation, and that every new church built in the country is a bastion in the nation's struggle for freedom and greatness.