Sunday, August 27, 2023

CW - Ex Aedibus Sotto Voce

To All CW Followers, Guests etc, 


It is not often that we take the time to write to you all in this way, and that has both its cons and pros.

For now we wish to address, generally, a combination of issues and allegations / accusations recently raised against CW by others.

It is important that such matters are cleared up in the public arena, and so let us begin...

1. When we commence an investigation here in CW, a pre-investigation meeting and discussion takes place, and based on information provided to us, we make a decision to either proceed to the 2nd stage which involves taking on the task of seeking further information.

Or if we decide to go no further, the matter is filed, but never closed, as it may come into its own elsewhere.

2. Any investigation undertaken involves, at a minimum, 3 staff and 2 legal advisors - nothing goes 1 step forward without legal pre-clearance.

If any involvement with statutory organisations such as the PSNI, An Garda Síochána, HSE, NHS etc is required, then our legal advisors engage with such, and then the CW staff will process and file any feedback received.

3. At all times, CW staff adhere to GDPR regulations, civil and criminal law obligations as per ongoing investigations etc, and our own Code of Responsibility, and this can take time hence a delay in postings on here.

We make no apologies for such.

4. Investigations may overlap or dovetail, and this does happen at times, as evidenced thus far, and this becomes self-evident after some time as to the the reason(s) why this may happen.

5. At all times, our Golden Rule is if it cannot be verified independently 3 times, then it is not going to be published, and remains on file for possible future use, or the very least, reference - within GDPR regulations.

This is so as to ensure that each and every investigation stands on its own, is factual, evidenced and credible. 

Other publications could do well to take note of such.

6. Others have also raised the question (and indeed attempted to answer - incorrectly and without any verifiable and independent evidence to their claim : note : hearsay is not verifiable evidence) as to who runs CW.

The answer is there are over 11 people responsible for CW - not including legal etc, and previously, we did publish names and regions on the site, but this led to its own difficulties and issues of safety etc were, in effect, the reason for the removal of names and regions etc.

Again, we make no apologies for this, and never shall.

7. If anyone wishes to make contact with us, as indeed you all do, please feel free to do so, and we will provide facts, evidence and the truth in relation to whatever we do here - and we do so cogniscant of whatever restraints there may be legally etc, but we will do our very best.

We can only thank you all for taking the time to visit us, and with numbers now close to 14 million singular views since 2006, that is some following - and we hope you continue to do so.

For the truth, evidence and facts, do not be a stranger to CW, because we are no stranger to the truth, evidence and facts.

From : The CW Team

27th August 2023