Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Papal message highlights Vatican Library exhibition on reuse of materials

Reuse and redemption in the patrimony of the Vatican Library and in the art  of Sidival Fila

Pope Francis has written a message devoted to a new Vatican Library exhibition.

The exhibition, entitled “(RE)VERSUS—Reuse and redemption in the heritage of the Vatican Library and in the art of Sidival Fila,” emphasizes the reuse of materials, particularly in the work of Sidival Fila, a Franciscan friar and artist.

In his message, dated April 26 and released April 28, Pope Francis described the exhibition as an “interesting journey that will be offered to visitors. Without any confessional purpose, but rather in accordance with the sole criteria of scientific research and artistic work, it is intended to offer to everyone elements for reflection on moving from the ‘throwaway culture’ to the ‘culture of harmony’. I bless its work and efforts, wishing it the widest and most acknowledged success.”