Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Jubilee 2025 calendar and hymn presented

Holy Year 2025 website to go live; registration opens in the fall - Vatican  - Chicago Catholic

Archbishop Rino Fisichella, pro-prefect of the Dicastery for Evangelization, Section for Fundamental Questions regarding Evangelization in the World, held a press conference today in the Vatican during which he presented the calendar, the official hymn and other initiatives associated with the “Jubilee 2025: aims reached and projects”.

Over 12 months, various meetings will be held for different groups of faithful who will be able to be true "pilgrims of hope" in today's world, from families and young people to artists and prisoners.

The press conference provided an opportunity to look at the preparations underway for this  event that began in AD 1300, which at intervals of 25 years marks the life of the Catholic Church, enabling pilgrims to travel to her centre in order to immerse themselves in God’s mercy through the indulgence of sins.

According to Archbishop Fisichella, some 32 million pilgrims are expected in Rome for the year-long event that will start in December 2024 with the opening of the Holy Door.

Pope Francis will announce the Jubilee’s first and last day in the Bull of Indiction, which is traditionally promulgated on the solemnity of the Ascension of the previous year, that is, 9 May 2024.

To help the preparations, the calendar of events that will bring together the largest ever number of pilgrims was announced today. It includes the Jubilee days for the sick (5-6 April), families (30 May-1 June), catechists (26-28 September), missionaries (18-19 October).

The Jubilee days for the world’s youth will be held on 28 July-August 3. Before that, young people will meet in Lisbon this summer with the pope for World Youth Day (WYD).

Finally, on 15 and 16 November, two jubilee days will focus on all socially excluded people.

In addition to the calendar, the Jubilee’s website was presented today, which will be active as of tomorrow with information on the meaning and acts associated with the Jubilee.

Starting in September, the website will provide booking procedures for events and pilgrimage to the Holy Door.

The Jubilee’s hymn has “Pilgrims of hope" for motto. It was written by theologian Pierangelo Sequeri, and set to music by Italian Francesco Meneghello after a competition involving participants from 38 countries.

Archbishop Fisichella also spoke about the commissions working on the preparation of the Jubilee. The Ecumenical Commission will not only provide support for interfaith dialogue on the great topic of hope, but will also take part in the organisation of the celebrations for the 1,700th anniversary of the Council of Nicaea, which falls precisely in 2025.

“This is a highly significant anniversary for all Christians because the first Christological Council took place in Nicaea,” the pro-prefect said.