Saturday, March 25, 2023

Looking Ahead: Catholic Handbook for school students

Looking Ahead | Catholic Truth Society

Described as 'a gift for the next generation of saints' Looking Ahead has been lovingly written and designed as a companion for young people moving into those challenging teenage years. 

Covering questions of faith and science, inspirational young saints, prayers and history and so much more, this gift book can help students look ahead to a future full of all the good news that our faith has to offer!

Archbishop John Wilson says: "Enjoy this book, treasure it, share it with friends - and keep it handy so that it becomes a real companion in the years ahead."

Anna from Essex writes: "As a lay chaplain in a Catholic Secondary School, I am always looking for quality resources to recommend to our families which will help our students to better understand and deepen their faith. This well thought out, beautifully illustrated book would be an ideal gift or prize for a special occasion."

"I thoroughly recommend this book as a supportive guide for young Catholics as they embark on their secondary school journey. The content will provide encouragement and will assist them as they navigate the challenges of starting a new school," says Miss Webb Head of Theology at New Hall School.

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Looking Ahead is published by CTS and the Association for Catholic Women.

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