Sunday, September 04, 2022

CW Investigates : Operation Ainmhian (7)


As you are all aware, CW Investigates has been investigating the story of a priest in the South of Ireland who has, for some time now, been out of ministry due to a lapse in his promise of celibacy. 

We here at CW Investigates do not condone these lapses, however, we also do not condemn.  

Unfortunately, it appears to us however, that this man has been condemned by a ruthless set of judges and jury, and this has been done without aforementioned priest having being afforded the opportunity to apologise, make amends or otherwise. 

This aside, as we know, fresh allegations arose against this same priest earlier this year. 
We will not rehash all of these, except two. 
A public allegation was made that this man had allegedly physically and emotionally hurt an alleged third victim. 
A further public allegation was made which stated that this man had fraudulently obtained €17,000 from an anonymous benefactor who meant for the money to be invested in the church. 
Both of these allegations were made publicly,  and for the sake of clarity, were repeated many many times over. 

As we have stated here previously,  CW Investigates would never condone this type of behaviour in a lay person, let alone a minister of any Church. 
Normally,  we would encourage the victims to present their evidence either here where it would be treated respectfully, or at another place such as a Garda Station, where these alleged criminal matters could then be investigated. 
The difficulty we have experienced (and continue to experience), as has been well documented, is that despite repeated calls for evidence,  all of those calls were met with angry responses, silence or veiled threats. 
However, despite this, undaunted, CW Investigates has continued with its own investigation and we are happy to say we are now in possession of tangible evidence as relates to the two above named charges. 
However, regrettably, we now have a new difficulty.  
Our evidence, and in fairness, it is fairly indisputable evidence, shows that the above two allegations are completely false. 
Unfortunately, this has added a new dimension to this case which again prevents us from naming the people involved but, we want to assure our loyal readers of the following points: 
* CW Investigates has evidence in relation to this story. 
* It is indisputable evidence.  
* It shows, far beyond reasonable doubt, that the two allegations made publicly against this man are 100% false. 
This is disturbing to say the least. 
It raises a valid question, what else may be false? 
We, and others more powerful than us, whose sandal strap we are unfit to fasten, shall keep investigating and updating as we go along. 
We ask you all to pray for all involved.

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Katey said...

My name is Thomas and I have just come across your blog on CW Investigates Operation Ainmhian.

1: You state "A priest in the South has been out of ministry for some time due to a celibacy issue". This is very unfortunate for any religious person and I do not condone his lapse but like you, do not condemn him either - everyone is human. I too, have been in a similar situation involving a woman, but after going through counselling, psychology sessions and time for reflection, I have now returned back to where I always want to be. However,like my case, there were two people involved here and unfortunately the blame always rests with the cleric/religious - wrong! Why didnt this woman just walk away when she knew he was a priest? I hope his diocese has/is providing him with the necessary counselling and therapy needed while he is out of ministry to help get him back to where he belongs, being a priest. We need all the priests we can have in our Churches.
It would be a lonely world if priests and religious could not have friends, male or female but they should treat it as just that,friendship,nothing more. Everybody needs to have a friend to confide in when going through rough patches during their life. Now, surely this priest has suffered enough. Jesus, having fallen three times under his heavy cross,got up each time. This priest, no more than me, has had to bear his cross for I'm sure, a long time now so should he not be forgiven for his lapse?
God is a loving God and a forgiving God to everyone.