Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pro-lifers call on Government to act after evidence of sex-selective abortions

The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children has said that evidence of sex-selective abortion in the UK “confirms the reality of eugenics in modern British medicine” and called on the Government to cut ties with private abortion providers.

Investigative journalists at the Daily Telegraph secretly filmed clinicians agreeing to arrange abortions on the grounds of sex. One consultant was recorded saying; “I don’t ask questions. If you want a termination, you want a termination.”

Anthony Ozimic, SPUC’S communication manager, told the media yesterday evening: “This investigation confirms the reality of eugenics in modern British medicine, in which some innocent human beings are deemed too inconvenient to be allowed to live. Sex-selective abortion is an inevitable consequence of easy access to abortion, a situation to which the pro-abortion lobby has no convincing answer."

“The government needs to cut its ties to private abortion providers and to abortion rights organisations. They are complicit in sex-selective abortion domestically through their support for abortion on demand, and internationally through their complicity in China’s population control programme.”

The pro-life charity Life, which offers non-directive counselling on abortion said that the revelation exposed the abuse of our abortion laws and called on the Government to take action.

LIFE Spokesman Mark Bhagwandin said: “This represents the culmination of years of abuse of the abortion laws in the country to the extent that the rate of abortion is one every three minutes. The Telegraph investigation clearly shows that some abortion providers feel they can not only abuse, but also blatantly break the law. The shock expressed by the Health Secretary is noted."

“ We now look forward to that being transformed into action to put an end to the constant abuse of the abortion law and ensure that those who break it face the full force of the law. Failure to do so will send the signal to an out-of-control industry that anything goes when it comes to the termination of the unborn.”

He continued: “The termination of girls inside the uterus because they are the wrong gender is repulsive and should be condemned in the strongest terms. Is the UK ready to be counted amongst the countries in which gender selection abortions, even though illegal, are nevertheless performed routinely?"

“This must be the final straw. It is time to move swiftly and effectively to send a clear message that the few restrictions on abortion in the UK will not be mocked, and there is at least some protection for the unborn child whether it is a boy or a girl.”

Under cover reporters accompanied pregnant women to nine clinics in different parts of the country. On three occasions doctors were recorded offering to arrange a termination because the mother wanted to abort her unborn child on the grounds of sex.

Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley has agreed to report the abortion clinics and doctors involved to the police and General Medical Council.

“In a statement, the Department of Health said: “Following this mornings reports in the Telegraph, we will be speaking to the police. Criminal offences may have been committed and we will take urgent action. We will be speaking to the GMC to ask them to investigate individual clinicians and we have asked the Care Quality Commission to urgently inspect the named clinics."

“The Chief Medical Officer will be writing out this morning to all abortion clinics, NHS hospitals and Primary Care Trusts to remind them of their responsibilities and the requirements of the Abortion Act.”