Friday, December 30, 2011

Kansas City diocese sued again

New lawsuits accuse Roman Catholic priests in Kansas City, Mo., of plying boys with alcohol and drugs and sexually molesting them.

The Kansas City diocese has been the target of more than 20 suits this year, The Kansas City Star reported Tuesday. 

Most involve allegations of abuse decades ago and name priests who have been targeted in other lawsuits.

Two plaintiffs were sued last month.

Gilbert Padilla, 48, says he was molested by Bishop Joseph Hart, who is now retired, when Hart was the pastor at St. John Francis Regis Catholic School.

Another plaintiff, identified as John Doe 101, now 53, says he was abused by the Rev. Michael Tierney when he was an altar boy at St. Elizabeth Catholic Church.

Both lawsuits name a retired monsignor, Thomas J. O'Brien. Doe says Tierney and O'Brien got boys drunk and charges that the basement at the St. Elizabeth Rectory "looked like a liquor store," while Padilla says Hart and O'Brien were friends and gave boys alcohol and marijuana.

Tierney and O'Brien have been targeted by earlier suits. Tierney was removed from active priesthood earlier this year.