Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Priest accused of children's hospital sex attack on girl

A priest accused of a catalogue of sex attacks on a young girl, including one in a children's hospital, has been sent forward for trial.

The 78-year-old former parish priest, who cannot be named, is charged with 51 counts of indecent assault.

He is accused of committing 50 of the offences in two parochial houses in Dublin and one offence in Temple Street Children's Hospital.

The alleged attacks happened between 1980 and 1984, when the complainant was aged between 12 and 16 years. She is now a 41-year-old woman.


The accused appeared before Judge Bryan Smyth in Dublin District Court last week.

Sergeant Brian Lyons told the court that he arrested the defendant on March 3 at Sundrive Road Garda Station.

The priest made no reply after being cautioned and he was handed a true copy of the charge sheet, the court heard.

Judge Smyth sent him forward for trial to the next sittings of the Circuit Criminal Court on bail on his own bond of €300.

The accused had an address in North Dublin but it was changed to that of a diocesan centre. Legal aid was not sought in the case.

Judge Smyth told the priest that, if he wished to rely on an alibi as a defence at the hearing, full details of the alibi would have to be supplied to the prosecution in writing within 14 days of yesterday's date.

The defendant's solicitor applied for the judge to issue a ruling preventing the identification of the priest.

The lawyer said the complainant had a right to anonymity in relation to the charges.


He argued that identifying the accused might well identify the complainant in these circumstances, adding that the identity of the priest should not be made public at this time.

Judge Smyth granted the application.

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Saying it like it is said...

You would think your child would be safe in a Hospital. To abuse a sick child shows how inhuman this man must be.

This is horrific to read.

I hope he is not one of those moved around by Bishops in the know at the time because they are as guilty as he is.

God forgive the lot of them.

Anonymous said...

He is accused, but the case is not proven. Innocent until proved guilty, please

Telling it like it is said...

When the shoe is on the other foot and the Church want rid of you they can buy reports on you in order to get the result you want yet when one of their abusers has been guilty as accused as has been shown over the last century they try to wriggle out of it, move them around, hide all under the proverbial carpets in Bishops and higher ups Palaces and to hell with the laity.

From the THOUSANDS around the world who have been convicted of abuse their track record is really bad but for the innocent amongst the laity when they want you out you have no way back because of the Church's manipulation of the law, cash to spend on Senior Counsels, medical professionals and anything else they can buy to get what they want. Tribunals do not even entertain their thrumped up accusations are false when they want you out they GET YOU OUT and you have no right of appeal they have every trick in the book lined up against you from having written evidence in your favour disallowed, objecting to witnesses who can help your case, verbal evidence refused and somehow then witness summonses are not allowed to bring along people to answer relevant questions because the Church wants to hide the person and not have them attend because their identity may get out and with it their relationship to the Priest!!!!!!

The Church can put on such a show for Tribunals including lying on Oath and having their paid henchmen do the same that all you can say is God help us what a corrupt Church who feel it is right to go so far as to lie on Oath to get their way.

Lying by Priests, Bishops and others is nothing new when you check the lying denials of all of them about the abusers over the years. Finally they had to admit to the lies that they KNEW about it all and hid it by cover ups for half a century.

These Priests and Bishops then preach to us about truth and justice. They all have a hard neck as they don't lead by example. They tell the laity to do one thing while they do another and mostly get away with their wrongdoing because of their abuse of power and money to back them.

I am a Catholic but it makes me sick to see the hypocrites in the Church being treated like little Gods knowing what they do to others. To quote Suffer Little Children - does that mean we are obliged to suffer at their hands? I certainly don't think that is what Jesus intended when he gave his Church into the care of these men who put their own interests before those they are ordained to serve. If he came back on earth today I think most of them within the Church would be fired and on the dole queues!!!!!!!!

Of course they have a job for life - I imagine the Church will still have to keep up payments to these members of the clergy from one fund or another paid for by the laity for the rest of their lives so they have a cushion to fall on should the Church get the sense to dump them.

Nobody can tell me anything about innocent until proved guilty in the eyes of the Church. You are DAMNED from the first moment they decide you are to be DAMNED.

Having lived with this for many years it is 100% true.

It is disheartening to go to a Solicitor and Barrister and give them the background of the case and they say you have a good case but when they hear that the other party is the Catholic Church they don't want to touch your case with a bargepole because they know what they are up against.

They are up against the team of legal eagles that no member of the laity can afford and they will fight dirty all the way to a win. They are the gladiators with their lions in the ring there specifically to tear the member of the laity assunder.

I could write a book and am actually at this point in time thinking about it as you could not make it up unless you witnessed the horror your life can become at the hands of the Church and you have in fact lived through it.

Nobody wants to know you, you are a modern day leper cast adrift by your own Church because one of their own has it in for you.

The fact he has it in for you because you know too much about his private life and he feels you are a threat to him means he has to discredit you at all costs to save his own skin.

You never wanted to know anything about him but he knows you were given the information by others so that is you finished in his Parish.

The legal profession know all about the Church and their slimy ways and how their Solicitors firms have been built up on the back of the Church money defending their own and damning on their behalf anyone they wish them to damn.

They live in their own little bubble protected by endless money paid out by Insurance Companies who should know better and not take the business of the Church any more. Let the Church pay for all their legal dealings out of their own fat coffers, they can well afford it stealing donations from the widows and orphans of the land and anyone else stupid enough to donate to their baskets, dues, endless begging letters that circulate during the year, when there are better causes to donate to like World Vision, Save the Children Fund, Sightsavers, The Red Cross etc. etc.

There is NO season of goodwill in the Church when you are one of their Lepers.

There are no investigations within the Church when a member of the laity makes a complaint. All the Priest has to say is ah sure they are nutters.

There is verbal evidence of this same Priest saying this about an actual couple he is going to marry!!! He laughs and belittles the groom saying he doesn't think he is the full deck, mocks the bride, curses about them, says sorting out wedding dispensations is a pain in the butt, says two Parishioners who come to talk to him about a wedding "are a couple of nut cases", tells the couple he does not give a sh**e what they do at the wedding etc. etc.

Is this the behaviour of an ordained man of God????

This evidence at the request of the Church was disallowed and it would have shown the type of character this man of God was, he who was belittling one of his Parishioners.

He was also goading a female friend that "she had better watch herself" naming another female - like he may move on...........

This verbal evidence is held by Gardai, legal firm etc. and is fact. This Priest still carries on preaching to his congretation like the hypocrite that he is.

Is this right when member of the Parish has lost everything because of him?

Is the Church SO DESPERATE that they need a man like him in their ranks?????

There is physical abuse of others but there is also psychological abuse and bullying inflicted by members of the clergy as in this case and the loss of respect, good name and standing in your Parish, and income because of such a bully.

No Priest should be given such power and get away with it.

This is a case that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is aware of and has buried his snout in the sand. Does this show he is a man or a mouse? All he does is throw cash at said Priest to carry on with legal hearings. What about the care of your flock Your Grace?

Anonymous said...

As appears on Indymedia today

Christian teaching
by paul o toole Tue Jun 16, 2009 17:09
If Christian Teaching tells us one thing, it is to Ignore corruption, turn the other cheek or is it a blind eye. The Church, without ONE priest standing out from the crowd to condemn the criminals are all subserviant to this criminality, typical of institutional culture herd mentality. The church has raised a bunch of cowardly followers, liken to sheep, of its own sense of power and place which is upheld and maintained by the lavish lifestyles afforded these so called shepherds and paid for by us, who know they could loose it all in a second if they speak out.
Should these paedophiles be forgiven, no, they should be convicted.
They should be given the rope and publicly hung and an example made that the next one who attempts to turn an innocent child into a petrified, shamed, terrified dinzen of a human for the duration of their life, will get the same.
Anyone who gives a child a lifetime of torment, self doubt, self harming, dysfunction, prone to alcoholism and drug addiction to cope with the trauma, and for the rest of his/her life carry the torment of this abuse, for one Catholic priests or Christian Brothers sexual gratification, ought to be castrated.
Their silence speaks volumes to us all.
Individually and collectively they have all betrayed this nation and should be shut down, disbanded, and if they should be alowed to exist at all they should Never be allowed to come near children.
Im actually against the death penalty, but in the case of paedophiles i make exceptions. If they were to be hanged, I for one would volunteer to do the hanging.