Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Catholic Church 'Tests' for Gay Priests in Australia

The Melbourne Catholic Church is following a Vatican recommendation to test the sexual orientation of would-be priests.

The identification measures are a response to Vatican guidelines, under which potential priests who “appear” to be gay must be removed from consideration.

Even celibate gay men are subject to the ban because, according to the Vatican committee that issued the instructions, homosexuality is “a type of deviation.”

A spokesperson for the Archdiocese of Melbourne told the Melbourne Herald that a local seminary already had begun adhering to the guidelines.

He declined to specify how the tests for gay priests are conducted.

An outspoken priest, Father Bob Maguire, criticized the policy.

‘‘The point is not to what gender you are attracted, but how you manage that attraction,’’ he said.

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Throwing light on the obvious said...

As one of the other postings on this site stated, the Church find vocations almost non existent in Australia compared to anywhere else in the world, therefore you would think if there were genuine vocations gay or otherwise they would be glad to have them.

It is coming to the point not just in Australia but in every country with the exception of possibly Africa that if gay men and marriage is not soon allowed given another generation there will be no Priests.

Of course the Church may say no problem Europe, USA, Australia can be populated by Asian and African Priests only but in saying that I have also read that most Priests in these countries have wives and children and are still into cultural witchcraft etc., and are not in the true sense Catholic Priests like those in the west.

Therefore they are as I said in another posting vocations by default to give a lot of them a better way of life being ordained in the church but they still keep most of their own cultural ways and the Church to a great extent seems to turn a blind eye to it once they can have them saying Mass etc., and it does not matter all that much if there is a wife and children tucked away in some village down the road.

If the powers that be in the Church were honest with themselves they would see how hypocritical all of this is. They have to condone the wives, lovers and children in these countries and even in Poland we have read but they turn a blind eye don't excommunicate all these men or then they could not brag about all their wonderful vocations in these developing countries so they should therefore allow men in the west to also marry and sort out the mess that is the Catholic Church.

Having said the above I do know there are some wonderful and very holy men within the Church in Asia and Africa so it is not all who have gone astray but a fair majority and the Church certainly knows about it unless they are thicker than even I think they are!!!!!