Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Priest shortage hits Ballarat

A shortage of priests has started to hit the Ballarat diocese, Mr Vin Dillon, assistant to Bishop Peter Connors, says.

Mr Dillon said celibacy and commitment were contributing to a decline in the number of men entering the priesthood, the Ballarat Courier reports.

He hoped a Ballarat Dialogue, the first phase of the development of a plan that will guide future decision making around the ministry of the parishes, would help ease the problem.

"Committing yourself to one job for a life time is a different notion for this generation," Mr Dillon said yesterday.

"The young generation is not as attracted to the Church as in previous generations."

Mr Dillon confirmed Our Lady Help of Christians in Wendouree had lost its priest, Justin Driscoll, who had transferred to St Patrick's Cathedral in Ballarat.

"There was a need for one parish not to have a resident priest for a six month period. For six months the priest will not live there. New arrangements will be made once we complete our dialogues," Mr Dillon said.

"It's a situation we are now finding we have to do more and more," Mr Dillon said. He said there was a shortage in most other dioceses, but the diocese of Ballarat was more clear.

"It shows up starkly in the country diocese. In metropolitan places and Melbourne, it does not appear as stark. The (country) parishes are an hour and a half away which makes it look a lot worse," Mr Dillon said.


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(Source: CathNews(CN)

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PatO said...

There's more to it than that.

Two pedophile priests raped dozens of children there, and 26, yes, twenty six have committed suicide.

Bishop Connors is said that there was no need to do an investigation. What a despicable person.

Want to be a priest in that church? I didn't think so.