Friday, August 29, 2008

Amen To The Trouble In The Ranks

It is about time.

Archbishop Martin may not be listening to his Priests but he definitely is NOT listening to lay people either.

He came as what we were told was a breath of fresh air to the Diocese and was to listen, be fair, help the underdog, promote justice, meet people to sort out problems.

That does not happen.

His head is in the clouds and he definitely does not care.

They say "power goes to the head" and maybe that is the case here.

The Archbishop can run roughshod over his Priests like his Priests run roughshod over Parishioners and ruin their lives in some cases and the Archbishop is made fully aware of such things and DOES NOTHING.

I speak from 'personal experience' requesting the intervention of Archbishop Martin for past few years about a MAJOR INJUSTICE done in our local Parish by the Parish Priest and was he interested or did he care NO is the answer.

No wonder the Church is falling apart.

If the man at the top cannot show leadership and caring or is unwilling to help in serious cases of abuse of power in the lower ranks etc., why would anyone want to remain in such a corrupt Church without a heart where nobody cares?

This particular Parish has been split down the middle for past few years, takings are down, tempers are up, no justice has been done, the abuse of power has not been resolved, the damage and injustice has not been apologised for, but the interesting thing that has recently come about as what I would consider 'far too little and far too late' the Parish Priest has taken a leave of absence for several months with the 'dodgy' excuse of doctor's orders.

Anyone with the slightest intelligence can see that maybe Archbishop's House are waking up (at last) but they won't ever admit that they slept on the job and should have done something several years ago and are now maybe going to 'remove' in stages the PP who should have been brought to book a long time ago and made to apologise for his wrongdoings which are still the subject of legal actions.

Why does the Church continue to throw money at Priests to defend the indefensible abuse of power?

Is it because they can NEVER admit they were WRONG?

Never apologise?

With insurance companies still paying out to victims by way of compensation or covering Priests legal fees to defend legal actions against them it is a wonder that the Church can get Insurance at all.

If I was the Insurance Company out there I would not touch them with a barge pole because this will go on until the end of time as long as there is such arrogance and disregard for the lay person within the Church.

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