Tuesday, February 06, 2024

New Church of Ireland Dean of Tuam visits Connemara parishes as community members dwindle

The newly ordained Church of Ireland Dean of Tuam has been visiting her Connemara parishes.

Reverend Diane Machett attended weekend services in Clifden where community numbers have dwindled in recent years.

She’s a much travelled lady but the found the laid back roadside sheep unique.

The title Incumbent means that the Reverend Matchett heads the Church of Ireland congregation in Connemara.

She says her first visit as Incumbent was in darkness and she was astounded to see sheep resting for the night on the winding roadsides out west.

As a cheerful Dianne Machett went to visit her Church of Ireland flock she thought that the sheep should have sought more safety and silence.

She will learn a lot about Connemara as she travels her territory but she is already aware that the Church of Ireland community is far flung and few; the numbers have dwindled over the years.

Yet and all, the Reverend Machett has five Churches to attend to in Connemara – Clifden, Roundstone, Moyard, Errislannan and Aasleagh Falls near Leenane.

Five buildings mostly closed in winter.

However the new Incumbent is full of hope as she sets out for the hills and for the sea.