Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Radical Pope - Francis Refashions the Catholic Church

With his openly declared aversion to clerical pomp and circumstance, Pope Francis has broken with some of the most time-honored traditions of his office. 

He has admonished his brothers and sisters in the faith to devote their lives to the service of the poor and disadvantaged. 

He has encouraged a debate on previously taboo subjects such as homosexuality and priestly celibacy and raised the prospect of fundamental change in the Church. 

His solidarity with the African boat people, expressed in his visit to refugees on the Italian island of Lampedusa, challenged the international political establishment.
Pope Francis.

The makers of this documentary asked friends and associates of Pope Francis for their take on the ideas, objectives and prospects of this charismatic pontiff. 

Who is the man who has begun to sweep away timeworn dogmatic thinking, revive the core teachings of Christ and Christianity and usher the Roman Catholic Church into the third millennium? 

What changes has the Church seen since Pope Francis assumed the chair of St. Peter?