Friday, February 14, 2014

Pope Francis stars in virtual comic strip for children's app

Pope Francis comic appPope Francis is a virtual comic strip for children in a new app designed to teach his “most beautiful words” to a young audience.

The Pope Francis Comics app allows children to study his key messages in speeches and tweets, and learn about his life before his papal inauguration. 

Older children can learn about the Pope through a comic strip while a colouring game is designed for younger children.

The developer, Master New Media, calls it “a fun and interesting educational app that explains the Holy Father’s words to children to help them grow and learn”.

They say it allows users to “easily see the greatness of the teaching of His Holiness, inspired by the gospel, and put it into practice into their everyday lives, with their family, at school and with friends.
The app, priced at £1.99 for iPad, appears to be an extension of a comic book series launched in Italy last November, by publishing house Edizioni Master. 

As well as children’s books, they have already launched magazines in the country aiming to spread the Christian message.