Saturday, December 29, 2012

TD says Brady 'spin-doctoring' on abortion

A Labour Party Minister of State has accused the Catholic Primate and Archbishop of Armagh, Cardinal Sean Brady, of taking a “very irresponsible” approach to the Government’s position on abortion.

In one of the sharpest criticisms yet made of a church leader by a politician, Minister of State for Public Transport Alan Kelly said the cardinal had either ignored or misunderstood the legal and constitutional position on the issue.

The Tipperary North TD said the cardinal was engaged in “spin-doctoring and campaign-launching” and this would only strengthen the Government’s resolve to “do the right thing”.

However, his senior colleague in the department, Minister for Transport Leo Varadkar, said the Catholic Church was “entitled to contribute to the debate like any organisation.

“I would be surprised if they didn’t, given the church’s teaching on the sanctity of life,” he said.

The Fine Gael Minister added that the cardinal’s views “will be taken on board but not obeyed”.

In his Christmas message, Dr Brady said TDs and Senators were being asked to legalise the “deliberate destruction” of human life and he called for opponents of the legislation to “make their voice heard in a reasonable but forthright way to their representatives”.

‘Very worrying’ 

Mr Kelly, who is a practising Catholic, told The Irish Times: “The comments by Cardinal Brady completely misrepresent the legal and constitutional position the Government finds itself in. He has either ignored the constitutional position or else he misunderstands it. In either case, it is very worrying. It is very worrying that the cardinal should come out with these comments on Christmas Day . . . I personally have no issue with the Catholic Church commenting on most issues. However, I do believe that this sort of spin-doctoring and campaign-launching will only strengthen the resolve of this Government to do the right thing and provide the legislation and regulation required on this most sensitive topic. The Government of which I am a member has said on numerous occasions that under no circumstances will we facilitate abortion on demand.”