Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Message 2012 - Diocese of Galway

Christmas is about big hearts, generous giving, joy and peace…Year after year it continues to bring the very best out of us.

Groups of students from our schools undertake twenty four hour fasts to raise money to provide services for the homeless and needy. In the run up to Christmas a whole range of charities get busy collecting money and gifts so that they can make Christmas happier for the less well off. 

Parents make great sacrifices so that their children may really enjoy this festive season. 

Residents of nursing homes benefit from the musical and singing talents of choirs and entertainers who gladly give of their time to make sure Christmas is a time of celebration for as many as possible. 

In these and in many other ways the true meaning of Christmas is kept alive. When all is said and done, the spirit of generous giving begins with God and those who have met this generous God can afford to be generous.

God’s great gift to us is that of his Son. The birth of child is a time for wonder and great celebration, it’s a time to give thanks. 

At Christmas Jesus comes to us above all with his gift of peace. When you think about it, that peace is the gift we need most, and need to pray for. Peace with ourselves, peace in our families, peace in our country and world, peace with God, eternal peace for those who are no longer with us for Christmas, this is the greatest gift we can receive and the greatest gift we can give. 

We gather at Mass as families this Christmas to say thanks to Jesus, the prince of peace. 

If we want Christmas to last through the year then we will gather every Sunday to express our thanks and pray that the Lord may continue to bless us with his peace. 

Besides, our Sunday Mass will help us to remember our journey, as we continue on our path towards eternal peace.