Monday, August 01, 2011

Limerick PP and Gay Sauna (1)

A new gay sauna has opened in Limerick city, located in the Eastway Business Park on the outskirts of the city centre, and its website will provide all otherdetails required for those interested.

What has been brought to our attention however is the following link which boldy proclaims that a certain named Parish Priest named Rev. Jeremiah Brouder (now CC) of Crecora/Mungret is the 'secret financial partner' in this particular enterprise.

Despite repeated attempts to make contact with the reverend father and the diocesan office in relation to this issue, no reply has been forthcoming.

Perhaps upon posting of this article we will hear something or indeed if anyone from the sauna concerned would care to get in touch to further clarify this notice we would be only too happy to assist.


Anonymous said...

Ya its true alright...
they, as usual "no comment" from the men in black. More information has been posted on the website this evening. Im sure if you contact the swingers club or gay sauna directly, they might be able to shead more light on the matter!

Fr. T Crilly PP

Anonymous said...

TRUE TRUE TRUE, The hypocricsy of the RC Church preaching to us all then living double lives, my question is where did the money come from??????????? People starving in Africa and the clergy are telling us to give what we can and on the other hand they are using money to fund their Walter Mitty lives