Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Limerick PP and Gay Sauna (3)

A well known PP from Mungret / Crecora Parish Limerick (namely Rev. Jeremiah Brouder) was financially was involved in ANOTHER  attempt to open a Gay Sauna, this time,  on O'Connell St Limerick City, Ireland, just VERY recently.

Apparently, the almost complete project, under the TAX OFFICE and a CHILDREN'S SCHOOL!!!! on upper O Connell St Limerick, Ireland, got stopped in its tracks when the owner of the building heard that a priest was in fact behind the project!! 

A web site was even set up for the purpose, and can be  seen at www.thebasementlimerick.com 

Apparently it's been known for some time by members of the business community on upper O'Connell St for some time!!

But who is surprised at the goings on in the Limerick Diocese of late!

There is also a mobile number on the website, which we tried to make contact on but alas, all calls went unanswered!!


Anonymous said...

Ordinary people fear you…Gerry, but I’m NOT ordinary…

You are financially supported and protected by the limitless power, of the all powerful, Irish RC Church…..

But you are morally bankrupt ….

And they all know it now, Gerry ….
The truth sets us all free…. no matter what ...

Anonymous said...

arrogance and narcissism, to borrow a splendid word from Enda Kenny

Your shot to shit J, and no harm either...

You can't fool um all.. all the time.

Anonymous said...

Pues me parece estupendo! Al fin y al cabo la mayoría de los curas son gays (al menos en España) así que,,, dejadlos que salgan del armario también. Me encanta Limerick, y si hay saunas gays más todavía. Bye.