Friday, December 28, 2007

Polish bishops press campaign against in vitro funding

Poland's Catholic bishops have launched a broadside attack on government plans to subsidize in vitro fertilization procedures.

In vitro fertilization should be recognized as an offense against the natural process of human reproduction, since the procedure separates fertilization from the act of marital love.

Nothing that in vitro techniques entail the creation of many embryos-- most of them to be discarded after one is implanted in the mother's womb-- Bishop Wiktor Sworc of Tarnow said that the process involved "the production of life at the cost of another life."

Bishop Piotr Libera of Plock, a former general secretary of the nation's episcopal concerence, said that legislation calling for public funding of the elective procedure would be a Satanic gambit.

In Warsaw, Archbishop Kazimierz Nycz recommended that couples who are unable to conceive children should consider adoption.


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