Friday, December 28, 2007

Angola: Prelate Advises Christians to Abstain From Excess Activities

The bishop of the Catholic Church in Kwanza Norte province, Don Almeida Canda Tuesday, in Ndalatando city, advised Christians of the region to abstain from access activities during the festive seasons and avoid disastrous activities.

During the Christmas mass, Don Almeida Canda called for the attention of Christians to live in harmony, avoiding greediness and other anti-social behaviours.

The bishop also urged Christians to abide by solidarity and to collaborate with authorities for the maintenance of public order and to control emotions so as to avoid road accidents that are most frequent during this season.

He referred that this moment should be taken advantage to reunite families as a symbol of thanks to God for the birth of the messiah called Jesus Christ.

According to the bishop, the birth of Jesus represents the human dignity that symbolises peace, agreement and social harmony, factors that reflect the religious Christmas period.


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