Friday, April 30, 2010

CW - Our Code, Your Rights - Code Of Responsibility

In recent days, we have been somewhat engaged with some who view, contribute, comment and post on this site in relation to how YOU should be able to take issue with postings and how they are dealt with so as to ensure all parties are satisfied if there is a problem. We have come to the following agreement with those representatives who we mailed in relation to this issue and with the necessary legal advice, the following is now part of the Code of Responsibility which is relevant to the public who visit this site:

* * * * *

1. Accuracy

i) Clercical Whispers will take care not to publish inaccurate, misleading or distorted information, including pictures.

ii) A significant inaccuracy, misleading statement or distortion once recognised will be corrected, promptly and with due prominence - on condition that evidence and information to the contrary of that presented is forwarded / notified to Clerical Whispers within a period of 28 days of original posting.

iii) Where determined and deemed as appropriate - an apology will be published for 5 consecutive days and also attached to the original posting.

iv) A posting will, as far as is possible, report fairly and accurately the outcome of an action for defamation to which it has been a party, unless an agreed settlement states otherwise, or an agreed statement is published.

2. Opportunity to reply

Clerical Whispers will ALWAYS offer a right to reply to those who clearly indicate as to why they may feel aggrieved with a posting, comment and/or contribution within 28 days of original being published online.

i) Invitation to reply will always be offered via either a private email which remains confidential or through a formal posting of a reply either in comment form or in actual posting itself.

ii) This invitation will be issued on 3 ocassions only and thereafter correspondence shall no longer be entertained.

iii) If after this the matter remains unresolved, then it will pass to our legal advisors for action if so deemed as necessary and appropriate.

* * * * *

We are very well aware that what we publish here may not be to everyones liking, and have always taken that on board when considering the publishing of an article.

Information that comes to us from private sources - unless otherwise indicated - remains just that - private.

Accuracy of such information as submitted is always sought, and if there is a contesting to such information and its accuracy, we extend the invitation to the allegedly injured party of right of reply.

In recent times, we are conscious that some may belligerently ignore and rebuff such invitations of right of reply which is also a right on their part(s), but after such rebuffs there is nothing further we can do except pass it on for legal action where necessary.

If YOU wish to comment or contribute to this site, the above points should be kept in mind.

If YOU wish to take issue with ANY posting please note that it should be so done within the 28 days time frame as laid down.

When writing to us in relation to a comment, contribution and / or complaint, please send your email to us: and subject line it Code of Responsibility, making sure to include a link to the offending post.

We will reply as immediately as possible for us.

Any further questions, queries or comments in relation to the above can be notified to us at given email address.


Mary said...

I was born into a large Catholic Family. I never saw so much hipocrisy (play acting). My Grandfathers Uncle was a Jesuit that resided in Nome, Alaska. He would travel quite frequently, as a missionary and also he was a professor at the Seattle University. He would stay with us at times and eat with us, and My Poor Mom would chauffeur him around. He is on the list of abusers to more than one victim. He passed , I believe in 1991. So being the lawsuits were coming out later, he was never tried. I just hope that nothing happened to my older siblings. I am not involved anylonger with the Catholic Church. I used to really put my trust in the clergy. But I'll have to say, those Nuns in the Catholic School seemed cross alot. Didn't seem happy at all. I have been watching on youtube , "Deliver Us From Evil"-What an awefull shame,what these victims went through!! and then being told they would go to Hell if they told. And would be excummicated from the church. Sounds like the Church of Satan, nothing Christian about that. I'm glad I am a Born Again Christian!! Praise God!!

Anonymous said...

the teachings of the catholic churchleft me in fear and with extreme guilt all of my life. it would appear that religion is been removed from schools in Ireland thats my search for some understanding of life i learned a great deal about being human with all its faults and complexity.I am part of a twelve step programme and i have learned how to live in this world with goodness,kindness and compassion without bein judge and jury of my fellow human beings.Why can't thes things be taught in school instead of religion.Jesus taught his followers all of the above.I hope that some form of spiritual teaching replaces the two and a half hours spent on religion.It can only be a great thing for our children.MARGARET

James Brother of Jesus said...

The Church does not belong to 'any ONE' person. It is rightfully yours no matter what. No Pope, Bishop, Priest, Nun, Brother, Lay Person, The President, Senator, Civil Leader, a World Tug ....can separate you from Gods Love. No one has a copyright on God nor His Love. The Church the Bride of Christ belongs to you. I go and participate because I know the difference.
[Romans 8:38-39] A bit of unlicensed embellishment follows, but I hope the point will be made: Who shall separate us from God's Love? Neither DEATH nor LIFE, nor what is above or below, neither Principalities, rumors, schisms, papal bulls, abuse, disenchantment, disappointment, and yes even ourselves, can not separate from the love o God that comes to us through Jesus Christ. God's Love and Bride is the Church and it shall prevail despite others and ourselves. God is closer to us than we are to ourselves! Be joyful and know that is true!

Thomas Green said...

I agree, we at Holy Family Parish in Montreal have the most fantastic pastor who guides us in the path that I believe Jesus left us. At the door of the church is written that God is too big for only one religion and that we must respect our neighbors religion. Last night I went to see the movie Nous Avons un Pape and believe me both my daughter and I agreed that Benedict should of taken that same decision. We need a head that is in contact with modern-day reality and if he can't then he should leave the chair to someone who will take us through these troubled times with the same simple and pure direction Our Lord left us after his Ascension.