Friday, March 01, 2024

CWI : OMA (3) : Sligo 'Priest' Claims To Cure Cancer For €100

Self-appointed 'priest' Hal Somerville, is selling cancer cures at €100 a time. The Sligo-based self proclaimed healer is claiming he can treat terminally ill cancer patients and give them an 'extra five' years of pain-free life. 

According to the Mail on Sunday, Somerville holds 'clinics' throughout Ireland and the UK and at his impressive home and headquarters, The Granery, Kilmactranny, Dromore, County Sligo.

He had come to the attention of local media last year and it would appear that the publicity-shy 'healer' is now promoting his 'powers' through the internet.

He claims membership of the Order of Marian Apostles (OMA) an 'order' not recognised by the Catholic Church. 

A trawl by SLIGO TODAY, discovered that Somerville's Sligo address is the contact address and headquarters for the OMA.

He claims that his 'power to heal and relieve pain' is 'a gift from our Lord Jesus Christ'. The Derry-born claims on the internet that he has a 95pc success rate. 

His website states that 'Hal administers the gift of healing by placing his right hand on the most painful or afflicted area of his patient's body whilst praying that he may accept their pain'.

The 'donation' or 'contribution' requested and expected from each 'patient is €100 which he says is to cover his expenses and claims to have only €5,000 left to live on after his expenses of €17,000 are paid.

Dubious online testimonials by anonymous and uncontactable 'patients' thank him profusely for curing them of cancer, depression, stomach ulcers, anxiety, gangrene and a host of other ailments. He does admit that he has no scientific evidence to support his 'cures', and that none of them can be verified by doctors or scientists.

Reputable cancer doctors and consultants have, in the past, warned of such hopes being offered by 'healers' and condemned them as heartless opportunists praying on the weak and desperate patients seeking to extend their lives.