Thursday, December 28, 2006

Bishop Casey at Christmas

Now that the season of goodwill is truly with us maybe someone should advise the Purple Parliament that one of their brethren is awaiting still a decision from them on whether he will be permitted back into full ministry in the parish of Shanaglish, Co Galway.

I speak of course of our beloved bonking bishop, Eamon Casey as pictured here who returned to Ireland some time ago to face charges of having allegedly been sexually indiscreet with a female. The Gardaí (Irish police) carried out a full investigation into the allegations and found that Bishop Casey was and is innocent of all charges alleged against him and therefore will not proceed with any further criminal action.

However, our mitred ones have decided to carry out their own internal investigation 'in accordance with Catholic Church regulations' and until and such time as this is completed, the Bishop will not be permitted to perform any public ministry and is resigned to having to for the moment at least say Mass in the front room of his parochial house in Galway. What a shame!!!

The Silent Bishop

Lest it be forgotten, it was indeed Bishop Drennan (pictured here) who invited Bishop Casey back to the Diocese of Galway and appointed him to Shanaglish in Co Galway.

However it is his silence on this matter which has been most deafening to date and one now wonders what he will do to assist his predecessor back to full time ministry......


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