Thursday, February 23, 2012

Limerick PP & Gay Sauna (10)

 Clerical Whispers: Limerick PP and Gay Sauna (5)
We continue our postings in relation to this issue and shall continue to do so despite the inferences and threats of legal action against us for doing so, and will shortly be posting online documents which will validate in the minds of all who have read - and continue to read - about this matter.

The following is another recent contribution from those affected by this rather tawdry behaviour....

* * * * *

SECRET – Founder Financial Partner (Gay Sauna AND Swingers Club)
Fr Gerry Brouder (Crecora)  Now ever moving (medical reasons!!) 

However seen strutting like a Peacock in the Crescent Shopping Centre just this week (wk2/feb)!!  


Alias -  Dr John Gerard McNamara, Business, Economic, Actuarial, Psychological Consultant (Presently on lecturing secondment in Ireland, Canary Wharf Business Centre, Canary Wharf, London & South of Ireland. 

Confirmed by Fr Tony Mullins of Limerick Diocese, who STILL refuses to acknowledge our TWO complaints about Brouder or give us ANY update on his SO-CALLED “Cannon Law Investigation” 

And who insists on spending parishioners’ money on Law Firms to threaten us...  in the hope of  SHUTTING US UP!!   
* * * * *

The funny thing is …Mullins just does NOT see what any of this has to do with him!!.

Let me SPELL it out for you Tony…

When somebody makes a serious complaint to the “Acting Bishop of Limerick Diocese” that be YOU Tony,  about a Priest, in this case, Fr Gerry Brouder (Crecora), YOU – Fr Mullins, are supposed to:-

(Modern Management) 
1. Listen to the complaint, pretend to be somewhat concerned, show by means of you body language and gestures that you are somewhat interested in hearing the complaint.

2. Apologise to the Client, (That be us Tony) Appear to be somewhat sincere.

3. Ask appropriate questions that demonstrate an interest in collating the facts / details of the complaint correctly.

4. Confirm the details of the complaint back to the Client, seek agreement at all stages.  

5. Outline exactly, what steps YOU intend to take, and agree with the Client an acceptable time frame for such action, (which is always as soon as possible). Finish, by apologising to the Client again.

6. Carry out the agreed action to the satisfaction of the Client.    

7. FOLLOW UP – with the Client in order to ensure the action you have taken to resolve the complaint to the Clients satisfaction has indeed been successful.

8. Analysis the complaint, in context, and put systems in place to ensure it does not happen again.

However, telling us you are doing something when you are clearly not, is simply unacceptable. 

Also unacceptable Fr Mullins,  is your on going refusal to engage with us or offer us any form of apology for you failure to deal with Fr Brouder the FIRST time we reported him to you. 

YOU  - Fr Mullins, allowed Fr Brouder  to remain in the parochial house in Crecora, paid for by the people of Crecora, AFTER we made a serious complaint to YOU.

YOU – Fr Mullins, allowed Fr Brouder to use the Parochial House phone in Crecora for the purpose of setting up a SECCOND Gay Sauna Business Venture, and for the purpose of making other calls, one of which was to our landlord with the sole purpose of attempting to ruin our business by feeding false and untrue information to our landlord,
AFTER we made the initial complaint to YOU, in Aug 2010.
YOU Fr Mullins failed to tell the  people of Crecora that Fr Brouder, was NOT out on “Sick Leave”…. but, in fact out setting up  his very own GAY SAUNA BUSINESS in O Connell St Limerick, under a kids school!! 

This was AGAIN reported to you, Fr Mullins, and AGAIN you did ABSOLUTELY  NOTHING about it…….
(see letter 4th May 2011,  and 8th Nov 2011)

 4 May, 2011

RE:   OUR CLIENT: --------------------------------------------

Dear Sirs,                                                     

We refer to the above matter and previous correspondence resting with ours of the 25th of January, 2011.  

We note with disappointment that we have yet to receive any confirmation that any action has been taken against Father Brouder in his position as Priest at Crecora, County Limerick.   Furthermore, we have also not been furnished with details of your clients investigations into the activities of Father Jerry Brouder.    

We understand that Father Brouder still resides in the Parochial House in Crecora and is currently a member of the Board of Management at Crecora National School.

As you are aware as a result of the actions of Father Brouder our clients are currently taking and are under severe financial and mental stress. --------- lost his job at the Charleville Park Hotel and both he and ------- are still living in fear of being further harassed by Fr. Brouder. counselling

We are instructed by our clients that Father Brouder has again recently been posing as a businessman in respect of the taking of a lease for the establishment of a gay sauna at O’Connell Street in Limerick.    

It is therefore clear that he has not been censured nor has any action taken against him by your clients.    

Our clients require immediate response in respect of the sanctions that your clients propose to take against Father Brouder and also details of your clients investigations in to Father Brouder. 

Your clients have a duty of care to not only our clients but to the parishioners of Crecora to ensure that proper action is taken against Father Brouder.

We would, therefore, be obliged to hear from you by return.

Yours faithfully,


* * * * * 

                                                                       DSL/NH                                   8th November 2011

RE:   OUR CLIENT:--------------------------------.

Dear Sirs,

We are astounded in this matter to have heard nothing further from you.   

Please revert by return.

Yours faithfully,


* * * * * 

RE:   OUR CLIENT: -----------------------------------------.

Dear Sirs,

We acknowledge receipt of your letter dated the 13th January 2012.  Please note we are taking our client’s instructions. 

However, you will note that we have written to you on numerous occasions requesting an update in respect of the enquiry and indeed we further wrote to you on the 9th August 2011 and attached a further list of queries that we wished Mr. Durkan to add to his enquiry, further copies of which are attached hereto. 

It is disingenuous of you in the circumstances that we have been writing to you for such a long period, seeking an update, without response from you to allege that you have been updating our clients via their Psychotherapist.   

We have received no notification from you as to the position regarding the enquiry and indeed in respect of the specific queries raised, particularly regarding the remit of the enquiry.   

You have requested our client to communicate with you via his solicitors.  

Yet, your client deems it appropriate to communicate with our clients via a third party.   

This is not in order.   

If your client wishes to continue to communicate via ------------- or any other third party, you might kindly ensure that we are formally notified of the position in writing. 

* * * * *  

We here in CW wish to advise that this is only the beginning of the documentary evidence in relation to this matter and will publish everything we can so keep yourselves informed and stay tuned!!!