Monday, July 01, 2024

Worldwide donations for St Peter's penny increased

Worldwide donations for the Pope's charitable work have increased. 

Income from the so-called St Peter's penny totalled 52 million euros last year, according to a report published by the Vatican on Saturday. 

This was 8.5 million euros more than in 2022, bringing donations almost back to pre-coronavirus levels with income of 54 million euros.

Almost 70 per cent came from donations from dioceses and private individuals. 

At 13.6 million euros, the USA recorded the highest national donation volume, with Germany in fourth place with 1.3 million euros. 

Other donations came from foundations and religious congregations.

On the other hand, fund disbursements totalled 103 million euros, 7.5 million euros more than in 2022. 90 million euros flowed into activities of the Holy See to support "the apostolic mission of the Holy Father". 

The remaining 13 million euros went to 236 church and aid projects in 76 countries.