Sunday, July 07, 2024

Heads of the Franconian Apostles travelling from Würzburg to Ireland

Saint Kilian - Wikipedia

The relics of the Franconian apostles Kilian, Kolonat and Totnan will embark on a pilgrimage to their native Ireland in autumn. 

This is reported by the "Würzburger Katholisches Sonntagsblatt" in its current issue. 

The skulls of the saints will be brought to the diocese of Kilmore. 

The former missionaries are said to have travelled from there to Würzburg in the seventh century.

The exact date of the transport will not be communicated, said the diocesan curator and deputy art officer Wolfgang Schneider. 

He only revealed one detail: "This will not be done by plane, as otherwise there would be no permanent control, so the relics will be transported by lorry."

According to the information, Bishop Franz Jung of Würzburg and Vicar General Jürgen Vorndran will set off with a group of pilgrims to the Irish diocese of Kilmore on 2 October and stay there for four days. 

The relics should already be there when they arrive.