Thursday, July 04, 2024

CWI : The Oratory Society (4)

On Monday, 1st July 2024, we published a story in relation to the 'new' Oratory Society website, and asked some questions of both Eduardo and Paul Creaner in relation to the website.

Within a few hours of our publishing that story, the 'new' website was taken down, and remains down at this time of publishing.

But, it also should not take from some of the questions that we put to you Eduardo, and indeed you also Paul, and we repeat them here for your benefit.

1. Are you still using the address of 6 Princes Gardens? This property is due to be reclaimed by the RC Diocese of Down and Connor by the end of August, but it seems that Eduardo is not willing to relinquish it.

2. Do you, Eduardo, think that the agreement between your allegedly celibate partner/husband, Patrick Buckley and the Diocese of Down and Connor extends to you also?

3. Are either of you willing to meet with us here in CW?

4. Are you Eduardo, willing to meet any of the 55 men infected with HIV by your allegedly celibate 'partner/husband', Patrick Buckley?

5. If so, when?

6. If not, why not?

7. Do you still think that your referring to those who dare to tell the truth as 'trolls' is appropriate? 

8. When the 'new' website goes up, will it be far more considerate of those who your allegedly celibate 'partner/husband', Patrick Buckley so certainly wronged, maligned and slandered on a daily basis? 

We certainly look forward to hearing from, and we will continue to pose more questions to you both as time proceeds.

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Eagarthóir / Editor