Saturday, April 10, 2010

Record Easter baptisms for China

China has set a new record for the number of baptisms and participation in Easter services, evidence suggests.

According to the Cathedral of the Diocese of Bao Ding, participation in the solemn celebration of Easter exceeded all previous years, Fides reports.

Also many non-Christians after attending the rites were enrolled in catechism.

During the Easter Vigil, 15 catechumens were baptized, received the sacrament of Confirmation and First Communion.

The pastor insisted: “We continue this process of evangelization so that more people have the opportunity to know Jesus Christ.”

Over 30 adult catechumens of the Diocese of Nan Chong, during the Easter Vigil celebrated in the Cathedral, received the Sacraments of Christian Initiation.

According to the pastor, “the percentage of young people and adults was visibly greater than last year.”

On behalf of the community, he presented every baptized person a copy of Sacred Scripture.

Over 1,000 faithful attended the solemn celebration.

On the night of the Easter Vigil, 24 adults and 19 children of the parish of Ju Lu, in the Diocese of Xing Tai, in the He Bei Province, were baptized.

The parish of Gui Lin, in the Guang Xi Province, welcomed especially migrant workers and foreign friends who live in the place.

During the vigil, 2 sisters were baptized and 60 elderly people received the sacrament of anointing of the sick.

Immediately after the celebration, the priests and nuns left to reach out to the different Ecclesial Base Communities in the villages, to celebrate the Resurrection with them.

They also distributed printed evangelizational material among non-Christian participants.

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