Monday, August 15, 2011

Limerick PP and Gay Sauna (4)

“We have until recently, published the true name and alias, of a founder investor in our business on the home pages of our websites. The information we posted concerning this investor, was / is true, and factually correct, in every detail. 

As a gesture of goodwill, we have agreed to temporally remove this information, pending an investigation by the organisation that employs / represents this individual, and is also responsible for his personal lodgings and office phone. 

We reserve the right to resume posting this true information, and if necessary circulate publicly, more factually correct and true information we believe the public have a right to know,  if no answers (no comment) is forthcoming to the questions we have asked to be included in  said investigation concerning this individuals conduct / and interests in our own business and other business interests of this individual concerned. 

We have stated that we are prepared to wait till the end of August 2011 for this investigation to be concluded. We believe this is ample time to answer the questions we have presented

We confirm, that the information we posted previously was factually correct, and true in every detail, and we stand over our previous postings. We will not be bullied, silenced, or intimidated by any organization, or individual, no matter how powerful, well connected and wealthy they may be.         
Eamon Ryan
M.D Creative Leisure Management Ltd 



Anonymous said...

Nobody has a problem with anyones sexuality, its the hypocrisy and deciet that is the issue with this.Nobody should feel intimadated from telling the truth about the RC church here in Ireland anymore,there has been too much damage done to ordinary lives by people who PREACHED TO US TO TELL THE TRUTH AND THAT LYING WAS SINFULL but yet the church has been covering up and lying to us all for years. No priest should be allowed to get away with deciet and a double standard life especially when they are causing pain to innocent people. Stand up and be counted if your going to preach the truth TELL THE TRUTH then maybe people can respect the church again

Anonymous said...

I am a witness to this particular priests moral bankruptcy,and to the damage that his deciet and lying has done. I too have to wait for the diocese to do their investigation before i can be free of the nightmare that this priest brought on me.