Monday, August 07, 2023

CWI : Operation Latharna (3)


On the 4th of August, Mr Buckley decided, through his own blogspot, to put up an article about the mental health and well-being of priests, and the links with suicide.

All very well and interesting you may well say, but not also a little hypocritical on behalf of Mr Buckley...and well he knows it.

Let us ask the following of Mr Buckely....

1. How many articles have you written - or had written by others for your blog - where you have named (and attempted to shame) other clergy, on the basis of very questionable comments, gossip and in at least one very contentious situation, lies?

You, Mr Buckley, like to credit yourself with, and I quote,

  about exposing the corruption, abuse and criminality in the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland and internationally.

Yet, Mr Buckley, the methods you use in doing so are far more questionable than the alleged or perceived behaviour of those whom you slander, defame and indeed enable others to do likewise via your comments section on any posting any given day.

2. Do you not think, Mr Buckley, that you can be wrong in any of this? We know you are, and we have evidence - as indeed you do - which shows that you have got it terribly wrong in a situation, and yet you have gone against your own claim, and again we quote you from your own blog....

March 26th 2023 : If I wronged you I will, if you wish, correct it here and give you a full apology. (unquote).

3. There is a priest (one of many) whom you have done a major wrong, but the law dictates that, at present, we comment no further on that matter.

What we can ask of you, Mr Buckley, is this....are YOU aware, or do you even care, to know the damage you have perpetrated on this young priest due to the untruths you have published, and allowed others to publish relative to aforementioned young priest?

4. Even moreso, why have you allowed articles and comments to be published despite you having evidence that exposes all that you have alleged as a total lie?  

5. You have oft claimed to have been wronged by the hierarchy, and your own self-claim to be a bishop puts you in the rank of a hierarch - so why do you perpetuate same said wrong on others? Two wrongs most certainly do not make a right - in any way, shape or form.

6. What damage, Mr Buckley, do you care to think you have visited upon others by both irregularly (in many cases) and constantly (in as many more cases), naming them and denigrating them on your blog?

7. You claim, as indeed others do of you also, that you are an 'honest journalist', but yet that does not hold water...and again I reference evidence that we hold (as do you) that would totally discredit your blog for at least the past year - why have you not investigated - as any 'honest journalist would - the claims made to you?

8. Why do you perpetuate lies, and regrettably in many instances knowing them to be so, in the knowledge that they are having an impact on the lives of others?

You speak of mental well being and suicide and yet your own blog is nothing short of a destructive force in the former, and may have yet been (and could be) a major considered contributor in the latter.

9. Does that not bother you?

10. Do you have a conscience?