Monday, September 11, 2023

Pope Francis rehabilitating Teilhard de Chardin?

Will Pope Francis remove the Vatican's 'warning' from Teilhard de Chardin's  writings? | America Magazine

Pope Francis called attention to the thought of the late Father Teilhard de Chardin - saying that the controversial Jesuit theorist was “often misunderstood”- during his homily at Sunday Mass in Mongolia on September 3.

Teilhard de Chardin was a French author whose odd mixture of eugenics and evolutionary theory drew several cautions from the Vatican during the pontificates of Pius XII and John XXIII. 

More recently his work has drawn interest from exponents of New Age spirituality.

As he celebrated Mass in Monglia, the Pope said that his thoughts turned to one of the French Jesuit’s observations:

Father Teilhard de Chardin was engaged in geological research. He fervently desired to celebrate Holy Mass, but lacked bread and wine. So he composed his “Mass on the World”, expressing his oblation in these words: “Receive, O Lord, this all-embracing host, which your whole creation, moved by your magnetism, offers you at the dawn of this new day.”