Monday, September 11, 2023

CW - Ex Aedibus Sotto Voce

Well dear followers,

Considering the week we have just had here in CW, it is a somewhat bittersweet moment we find ourselves in due to the malevolence and untruths of others.

Last Sunday, we were horrified to find that CW was being used as a tool by which others were being slandered and defamed - by persons who care not to know otherwise.

We engaged our own solicitors and advised those who were so slandered and defamed that they, through their own legal representatives, would have the fullest of co-operation from us.

We are well aware that the criminal route is being taken, and therefore reserve our own comments for the moment in this regard.

We here in CW are only too well aware of the reasons for such postings.

But that does not mean for one moment that what we publish here will come to an end - indeed far from it.

That will become evident by the end of this coming week with the beginning of the end for at least 2 people - and well they know it, hence the malevolence of last week.

The persons concerned need to know this - by your own arrogance, words and deeds, you are only making matters worse for yourselves.

We here in CW, unlike yourselves, will continue to publish on the basis of evidence, truth, integrity and honesty.

In relation to not allowing people to comment, you may be surprised to learn that we do receive comments from people into our email inbox, and if someone wishes a comment to be public, then once we have ascertained they are genuine etc, we will publish.

If someone does not wish to have a comment published, that is also their perogative, and we respect that.

Unlike yourselves, we don't practice censorship.

Also, we will not allow unverified and uncontrolled trolling, expletive and lie-fuelled, slanderuous and defammatory comments, to be published.

We are more than happy to engage with genuine, sincere and verified people, organisations and otherwise.

We are also more than happy to verify who we are - as opposed to have others with their own agendas do it for us (and even then getting it wrong).

We will continue to  engage where necessary, verify where possible, and present the truth at all times.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Sotto Voce