Saturday, March 03, 2012

Limerick PP & Gay Sauna - Protest Pictures (4 & 5)


Anonymous said...

Did it ever dawn on you that .... no one gives a s***t. Personal campaigns like this are becoming boring.

Whatever gripe you have with the clergy, we are not interested!

Everyone has enough on their plate nowadays to ne bothered with private spleens.

Anonymous said...

Well.... You should give a shit. Why do I have to defend YOUR right to peaceful protest against the lies, cover-ups, and appalling behaviour of priests in the RC Church?
The palace make a call to the Garda, and I get a "pulse A.P.B" record for exercising my legal right to protest, like some sort of watched criminal. Tell the truth about the RCC, and they will get the state to take you out!!! sounds like Saudi Arabia to me..

Anonymous said...

you weren't such a fuss when the priests where give you the money to set up your sauna and swingers club!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Reply to Comment"Anoymous" Mar 14th 2012

Your right, I had no problem until the priest in question - "Jerry Brouder" Crecora/ever moving... now at the 4* Castletroy Retirement Village, tried to BLACKMAIL ME !!!!! IN WRITING !!!! by using his position as a so - called "morally concerned" priest to feed lies about my business and me to my previous employer. The PAPAL NUNCIO C.J Browne - IGNORS my TWO registered letters of complaint about Fr Brouder to this day.... Why don't you contact me dude, and you can have a copy of the evidence, and sit on it.. like Charlie Browne...Naven Road, in his little "bubble"